The workout plan below comes with a specific goal of completing as many burpees as possible, and each time you do the routine you want to outdo your last tally.

This is a Burpee:

(Model is wearing Blowhole tank in size S.)

Your goal is to see how many total burpees you can accumulate during the workout. Control your rhythm in the early rounds.  



  • 0:00-1:00:
1 dumbbell thruster

1 jumping lunge

1 V-up

Complete as many burpees as possible for the remaining minute: 

  • 1:00-2:00:
dumbbell thruster
jumping lunge
Complete as many as possible burpees for the remainder of the minute
  • 2:00-10:00:

Continue increasing the rep count for the first three exercises until you reach 10 minutes.


Combine this 10 min workout with healthy eating and you will reach amazing results.